Sony DVP-CX870D

I was recently given a Sony DVP-CX870D that had a malfunctioning door. The gear had just jumped a spot and I easily fixed it. So now I have this great 300 disc changer and I am trying to fill it up. I have a some VCD’s I created and although they work on other players, they are not working on this one. On the door it claims to play Video CD’s, so I know it should be compatible. I have seen a website that claims they have tested VCD, SVCD and xVCD’s on there.

My question is does anyone have this drive and if so have you figured out what works on the player? Certain brand of discs, maybe certain compatibility settings used in Nero or something?


Looks like it doesn’t like CD-Rs one bit, doesn’t mind CD-RW, and is finnicky about DVD-R and DVD+R media.

Yes, sony standalones are very picky, even with cd media.