Sony DVDs

Alright, I’m on a quest to find a way to copy some of the newer movies, Sony, and maybe others as well. Here’s some specific titles that I cannot copy:

Employee of the Month
Casino Royale
The Holiday
Gridiron Gang

The Software:
DVDFab Platinum
DVD Shrink

The Writer: LG GSA-H10N

Can anyone give me some guidance on how to get past the new protections? Thank you :bow:

Hmmm, your AnyDVD is up-to-date. Try using CloneDVD2 with this instead of Shrink and see how you go. :wink:

Also, try updating your DVDFab Platinum to :wink:

Much appreciated, updated/installed all the suggested programs, and I’ll see how that works out in a little bit. :slight_smile:

No luck, at least not with Casino Royale. I don’t have the other originals here at the moment. Any other suggestions are welcome of course.

Sucks working at a movie store, yet not being able to copy some of the bigger titles.