Sony DVD's on sale at Staples $19.94/50



Was at Staples at closing and they were stacking them up on the front table - wouldn’t give me the sale price ahead of time :frowning:

Had both MIJ & MIT. MIJ have white spacer at top, MIT have a grey one.

Is Sony YUDEN (MIJ) comparable to FUJI YUDEN that Best Buy always has on sale?


Doesn’t the MIJ say MIJ on the box? :slight_smile: So the MIJs are all TYs? If so, I’ll be all over that :slight_smile:


They do. I just mentioned the spacer thing as a quick way to scan for what you want.


In my experience, the Sony TY is superior to Fuji TY.
Always excellent burns and kprobes.


Does anybody know if mcc002 is as good as mcc003? I was thinking of trying to get some ricohjpnr01 but it looks like they could be mcc002 also (if they have any 4x+r). I have had too many problems with the t02 (could just be my burners don’t like it) so I thought I’d stick what works.


Not all Sony MIJs are TYs. I have some 8x -Rs with the white spacer that are SONY08D1.



Sony MIJ +R is going to be TY, but not the -R. MIT or MIJ, if it’s 8x DVD-R it’ll be SONY08D1.


picked up 2 spindles of these 50 pk from local staples. both were MIJ with white spacer
on top. opened up one pack - and kprobe showed it as TY. burning my first disk now.
I presume Sony TY is not flaky as Fuji ones turned out to be. If so, this will be the cheapest TY that I have bought :wink:


Someone asked me about the supermedia deal…AFAIK, those were only for DVD-Rs. and I need DVD+R for my Sony/Liteon burner.

Here is the scan for my 1st burn on the disk on the top of the spindle…


I concur (dial218) Sony’s TY produce better scan results than Fuji
(too bad Sony’s disk do not have as ingle horizontal line to write a title :slight_smile: )


Just picked up a pack of these Sony +Rs and they are YUDEN000-T02-00.


just got a staples coupon in email today. $20.00 off $100.00. so if u buy 5 tubs, thats $80.00 for 250 ($.32 for tyt02 +r).


The local Staples here only have Made in Taiwan spindles on sale. I picked up two and the -Rs are SONY08D1, the +Rs are SONY-D11-000.

I am not done testing them yet but can report that Plextor PX-712A can burn the +Rs at 12x and NEC 3520A can overspeed the -Rs to 16x (!). The scans (see Media forum) look better than those of the Memorex 50 packs Staples had on sale previously, and those were not half bad either. So this looks to be a very good deal.


I think the MIJ SONY08D1 is on its way out; the new Accucore discs seem to all be made in Taiwan.


I got a 50 cake of MIJ TY T02s. Not very impressed with them; that is to say, they burn @ 16x on both my burners (see sig), but they don’t scan all that great. So far, at 12x, they don’t match my MIT MCC 003s on the BenQ. Will try @ 8X on each drive soon. These are my first TYs. Hub # is TG001125.


Everyone at the staples I went to were MIJ.They were not great on my 3520 at 8x.Playable but not great.Scans were not terrible but they could be better.NEC should definately work on the strategy for these.


If I remember correctly, this is the lot # that many people had trouble with - mostly it was FUJI reported.


Picked up some Fuji T02s that are TG001133. They seem to be better but still not what I expected from TY.


You are correct sir. Fuji just sent me a shipping label to take back the 1125 crap I got in the last Best Buy sale.


Phew… I just got 2 MIJ spindles from the 4th Staples I tried. All others were filled with MIT spindles. I didn’t even know there’s so many Staples in Manhattan. :slight_smile:

I forgot to check the hub # before goint to my work. The first burn, tried @16x with my 1620 wasn’t that impressive. (Of course it was acceptable; I’m just saying it was not as good as one expect from T02. :slight_smile: )

I still have to test them with various burners, firmwares and speeds.