Sony dvdrwdwq120a help pleaz

:sad: hi all can you pleazz help me out im in total despair :sad: i i have a e-s103a and trying to install the player is a nightmare it didnt come with an instuction manual so i dont have a clue about installation my cd rom works on d until i plug in the dvdrw then that changes to d then the rom doesnt work and the rw doesnt work is there a simple solution :o im new to computers the rw came with nero oemsuite for the rw ithought this would be a simple opperation but to me obviously not can i download an installation any help i can get would be greatfully appreciated im at your mercy :bow: davy mitchell hilander

It’ll probably be because of the jumper settings on the back of the burner.

I assume that both the CD-ROM & burner are on the same IDE cable. At the back of the units there is a box with 3 pairs of pins & a black jumper. The device that’s on the end of the cable needs this jumper set to Master & the one in the middle set to Slave.

Yes, you have to find the jumpers and set them correctly on both drives if you want to keep the CD-ROM in your system, mitchhilander. On my Sony the jumper is green and you can follow the schematic that’s shown above the various connectors (Master is to the right, closest to where the main ribbon cable attaches, Slave is one to the left from Master (see image).

Personally I only keep one optical drive in my PC at a time and I always set it to Master and connect it at the end of the ribbon cable. Also make sure to use a new 80-wire ribbon cable, as your CD-ROM probably still has the old 40-wire type.