Have this drive in my hdd. I’m having a problem with it. It doesn’t seem to want to read a disc any faster than about 3,775MB…

Any ideas why this would be?


Riplock? Disc in less than perfect condition?

Only things I can think of :slight_smile:


What is riplock and how do I check if it is on and how can I turn it off if it is?

The disc is shit for sure. It was an old G05, but it does this even with discs I’ve just burned, so it can’t be that. Besides, the Pioneer can still rip them all at high speed with no problem. It’s definately something wrong with the ROM somehow.


It was the riplock… I went over the firmware forum and got a fix :smiley:


Completely missed your reply! Glad you found a fix, riplocks can be a pain :slight_smile:


Actually, I meant to say here that it hasn’t completely fixed it. It still won’t read the discs as quickly as my Pioneer. The Pioneer will read a disc in around 6-8 minutes. The Sony still takes around 12 minutes. Sometimes longer.


Do you know what speed it’s actually reading at? Might be that the “fix” is all that you can do with that drive…

I think Pioneers read at something like 12x, though I’m not sure.


Occasionally the Pioneer reads as quickly as 16x but doesn’t support that speed for very long. 12x is probably what it reads at most often. As for the Sony, it reads around the 7,000 to 8,000 mark. Often times only lower though at the 5 or 6 mark. For now I’ve just gone back to using the Pioneer to read and burn, but it would be nice to have one to read and one to burn, will save me having to switch discs when it’s finished reading :slight_smile: Isn’t it nice to be lazy? LOL!

I’ll just have to be patient until I can afford the new Litey.