Sony DVD Writer 720a Problem

Two weeks ago i got a sony 720a dvd writer, i used to have a nec 1300a that i had for two years with the occasional fault problems, but due to the nec drive breaking i replaced it with the Sony drive through my PC world warrenty. But i am having some frequent problems with bad burns on this new sony drive. i am keep getting purple bad burn spots on my DVD burns, i have tried Arita 2.4x DVD+R, Ridata 4x DVD-R and Verbatim 4x DVD+R and most burns have had these purple spots on them from all the three medias, of the arita 2.4x’s that have not had the spots on they have occassionally caused brief pausing during playback of the burned media on my standalone.

I have upgraded the firmware from the sony site but it has not helped, so as i cant take the machine back to the shop, (PC world replaced my Nec for it and would never swop this one too) so i was hoping someone could help to sort out the problem as i do not even attempt to know what is causing this spotting problem, it could be suggested that it is the media but problems with three different types is unlikely. What can i do to fix this.

I am also suprised to find people saying that LG and NEC drives are better than the Sony as the LG and NEC drives were around £50 each wereas the sony was £80. I assumed due to the almost double in price it was the best? It was certainly the most expensive in the shop by a long way.

But anyway what can i do to stop my spotting problem and get a good burn


Try flashing the drive to the Liteon 1693S KS04. You’ll find the patched Sony ID firmware on my site. See if this helps your problem. :wink: