Sony dvd/vhs recorder/player

my recorder won’t let me use dvd+r blanks. is there a certain kind of blanks i should use?

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It would help to know the model of your Sony recorder.

thanks. it is a sony. i’ve reviewed the manual several times with no luck to solving the problem.

Perhaps I should have been more specific. It would help to know the [B]exact[/B] model number of your recorder so that we can find information online regarding correct media for it.

What brand of blank +R dvds have you been using?

the blanks are memorex dvd+r.

i noticed that the manual talks alot about -wr blanks. but it does say it can use +r,+wr,-r,and -wr blanks. when i try to use the +r blanks it says it can’t be formated or played.

model # is:rdrvx530

Sometimes you can update the firmware of the drive in the recorder and it will improve compatibility with newer types of disks that have been released since the recorder was made. I searched for a new firmware for your particular recorder and did not find one.

That leaves you with no options for these Memorex dvds. I suggest getting Verbatim brand -R disks. You can usually find them at Best Buy if you are in the US. If you want to try some RW disks, normally I would recommend Verbatim +RW, but if you are having trouble with the + variations, you can also buy Verbatim -RW.
Sony has, in the past, been a good substitute for Verbatim when the latter are not available in your area. Sony disks these days are just as unpredictable as the cruddy Memorex disks I’m afraid.

If you would like to shop online, look at stores like and and buy Taiyo Yuden 8x disks. For example: Unfortunately it is hard to find them in less than 100 ct cakeboxes.

By the way, this thread should probably go in our Standalone Players forum, so I will move it there. I’m leaving a redirect here in the Newbies so you will be able to find it easily.

thank you for the help. i think i’ll try some other type of blanks like you said. again thank you.

Verbatim AZO series DVDs are quality MCC discs. Verbatim AZO series DVDs come in the purple/blue wrapper (DVD+R) or orange/blue wrapper (DVD-R), see the first ad.

The new Verbatim Life Series DVDs are the same landfill grade CMC discs as Memorex, TDK, Imation, HP, Philips, Magnavox, etc. Verbatim Life Series DVDs come in the white/blue wrapper, see the second ad and the photo that follows it.