Sony DVD RWDW-U18A about

hi guys 3 easy questions for u

1 - i bought a Sony DVD RWDW-U18A and when i try to burn in sessions it hangs my computer what do i do?

2- this burner was suppose to be region free but i found out that it isnt so what do i do cuz ive seen several options on firmwares which one is the best for my modell

3-Finally i know its too late to ask but…is this damn burner a good one cuz im starting to doubt about it


Hi, and welcome to the LiteOn forum…

1/ This actually isn’t an easy question. The burner hanging could be the result of a multitude of problems, from software malfuction, system misconfiguration, drive malfunction… the first two are most likely. But unless more information is provided, it’s hard to narrow anything down.

2/ The best way to make the drive region-free is to use the LtnRPC tool found in the tools sticky at the top of the forum.

3/ Personally, it’s not that great of a burner as-is (because the original UYS1 firmware is ancient). But with the right firmware (try the US0N firmware; download it from my page, which is linked to from my signature), it can become a better drive.