Could someone point me to a Driver,
which will update my BenQ DW1620 burner.
It will not Burn or Read Sony DVD-RW.
I can burn and read other types of DVD-RW discs.
I took a look at this driver, “SBW242U” but I need to know,
if this is suitable for my burner?
Thanks in advance!


Updating a driver may or may not help with your issue. You need to look in the dvd burner forum and search to see if others have updated firmwares, and why, and research the media in the media forum to see if others have problems with it.
Most burners dislike certain types of media, and some media is just plain junk, and won’t work well, no matter what you do. And, updating firmware does pose a small risk of damaging your drive. If it is easier to just use better media, you should do so.


Thank you for your sugestions!
I will look into it.