Sony dvd +rw

I just purchased a spindle of these dvd’s. When I put these in my computer to check the maker with dvd indentifier my computer will not recognize any of them in the drive. I put a blank one in my recorder and I had to insert it twice before my recorder recognized it. Have I just purchased a bad bunch of discs? And I was also curious if anyone else has had this problem with Sony? By the way this is my first post here and I want to say hello to everyone here. Thanks, Jabe

What burner do you have? What’s the rated speed of these Sony discs? I suppose it’s possible that your drive is acting up with them if it’s an older burner. Welcome to CDFreaks BTW. :smiley:

I have a HP Lightscribe burner and the discs are 1x-4x. I have never had a problem with any media before. Thanks for the quick reply, Jabe

It would be very rare to have an entire bad spindle of media, but anything’s possible. What’s the specific model of your burner? You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed (it’s free) to find the model, DVD Identifier probably lists it as well. If it doesn’t support 4x +RW media, that might be a cause, and it wouldn’t hurt to update the drive’s firmware too. The drive can also probably be crossflashed to the OEM drive, which almost always gives better firmware and features. First thing’s first though, if you let us know what the model of burner you have then we can offer further suggestion. If it’s an older drive then it might just be a matter of needing to buy 2.4x +RW media as RW media is pickier about proper burn speed and firmware support.

My burner is a HP dvd writer 740b. On dvd identifier it says write speed supported 8x-4x. I am going to download Nero cd-dvd speed and see what it tells me. Thanks for your help. Jabe

It should support 4x +RW fine so I’m not sure what the issue is. I’d still be suprised to see it be a bad batch of discs so I’m not sure what to suggest. Have you used +RW discs on your computer before?

Yes I use RW discs for most all of my recording. I have never had a problem with using them on my pc before.

I finally got it to read. I burned a movie last night on one of the Sony discs and when I put it in my burner it read it. It is a Sony S11 disc and according to is a pretty good disc. It just will not read a blank one. Thanks very much for all of your help. I greatly appreciate it. Jabe

It can’t read anything if it’s blank because nothing (besides the ADIP) is on it :smiley:

Told you I was a newbie. But I am having fun learning. Jabe

Uh, so what did you mean by ‘didn’t recognize them’? Can you burn one of the discs on your computer or not? :confused:

I have not tried to burn one on my computer yet. I was just trying to see who made the dvd with dvd indentifier and it would not read that info until I actually burned a movie with my dvd recorder. I am going to try and make a copy of that movie with my computer and see if it will burn the disc. Jabe :slight_smile: