Sony DVD+RW unable to be read after erased by BenQ 1670

Hi guys, I have this Sony DVD+RW that I have been using all along with my NEC 3520A. So I was using this disc and accessing it on a BenQ 1670 that reads the disc perfectly.

After accessing some data, I erased it via Nero using the BenQ 1670.

Now the empty disc is unable to be read by the NEC 3520A, and I don’t have access to the BenQ 1670 anymore.

Is this a known issue with the 1670?

Please advise on how I can get my DVD+RW to be used again. Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

Edit: Sorry it is BenQ 1670, not 1640.

You cant READ an empty disc!

i had the same problem with the sony+rw on my benq 1650. I got it formatted on a Pioneer and the Pioneer can read and write to it, but neither my 1620 or 1650 detects the disc is inserted into the drives.

Sorry I should’ve been more specific. I mean to say that the drive blinks non-stop and refuses to recognise the empty disc.

Nero locks up when the disc is inserted, and “unfreezes” once the disc is ejected.

I just tried to put back the disc into the 1670, and even the 1670 blinks non-stop and refuses to recognise the disc.

So much for BenQ.

Hi max_clif, so how did you resolve the problem?

I just flashed the BenQ 1670 to the latest v1.02 firmware, still no go.

Anybody has any ideas? At this rate, I’m gonna have to throw away alot of Sony DVD+RWs each time I do an erase operation on the 1670.

No help on this issue?

I’ve had troubles with both my new 1650 and 1670. Both are sitting on a shelf collecting dust until a new GOOD firmware comes out.

I wasn’t a BenQ fan at all, and had stayed away from their products ever since the 90s. I had gotten this drive because of all the rave reviews and hyped-up user reviews on BenQ drives as of late.

Looks like it was all a serious mistake.

I have a DRU-820 (1670 clone) and an IDVD16DL (BTC 1016 clone). Erasing Sony DVD+RW (RICOHJPN W11) w/ the 820a, it recognizes and will record to the disc just fine using the 1016, even after multiple uses and erasures (full erase, not quick) in NERO

Of probably among a million drives that were manufactured, there is no interest in whether why there are so many working fine.

I am more interested in why there is this particular one that makes my DVD+RWs FUBAR. And whether there is any chance of getting the DVD+RW back to a working state.

I suggest to fully format the +RW using DVDInfoPro. :wink:

Hi chef, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

The problem I am encountering now is that insertion of the disc into 3 different DVD-ROM/RW drives, locks the system up until I eject the disc again.

I cannot access any programs nor utilities when the system locks up.

All 3 different drives, including the original 1670 at hand (which made the disc FUBAR), blinks non-stop, unable to recognise the disc inserted.

I think you already have your answer then. If none of your other drives will recognize it, including the one that erased it, then there is not a way for you to use it any more. If you have access to a RW drive on another system, see if it will recognize it. If not, it could be that this disc is bad. But before blaming the 1670 outright, try formatting, using and erasing another RW with it, preferably from another batch of discs. If the problem persists, there might be a problem with the drive. If there is not a problem with the new disc, then you had a bad first disc, not a bad drive.