Sony dvd rw q52a problems master/slave

This is my first post so hello everyone.
I am trying to convert a sony dvd rw q520a to slave.I have tried using the eeprom program from this site but it keeps coming up with an error message -access violation at address 0040780B in moduleeprom_utility.exe.Read of address A0sd3118.
I have tried other slim drive master/slave programs fom this site and they say - Cant found match ODD drive ! this utility only supports slimtypeODD drive.
I’ve been trying to sort this for 3 weeks now and its driving me to the point throwing it against the wall.
I bought it to replace a faulty sony Q58A dvd rw for my Dell inspiron 1300.

If anyone could help I would be very gratefull

Many Thanks


You have to open your pc. I don’t know if you are using SATA or somthing else. But there are pins and It will say MASTER, SLAVE, so on, and so on. You have to move this little block looking like thing to the slot pins where is says MASTER. Their isnt a program were you can do that.

Google Change Drive to Master. You should find a tutorial.

Hello and thanks for your reply.
This slimline dvd rw can only be changed by software as it has no pins ,which is a real pain and thats why I’m struggling so much.Thanks anyway