Sony DVD RW Q30A unable to read from CD/DVD

I have recently upgraded my computer to Intel Duo 2.66GHz processor

with D102GCC2R motherboard from Intel, 1Gb DDR2 ram and 120Gb sata

HDD.However I am facing problem while trying to read any type of cd or

dvd with my Sony DVD RW Q30A. The same drive worked fine with my old

pc(Intel P4 1.6GHz with mercury Motherboard & 845 chipset).

Whenever I try to read from any cd/dvd it shows an error message either

stating “I/O Error” or “invalid WIN32 file format”.
But other cd drives and cd writers are working in my upgraded computer.
Please help.

Make sure to use 80-wire IDE ribbon cable. For testing, connect it as SINGLE Master (no other drive on the same cable).

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Thanx for the info but I guess I need some more help.
I am using the ribbon cable that came with the drive, but I am not sure whether it is a “80-wire IDE ribbon cable”. Is there any way of knowing?
(The same ribbon was used for the other drives as mentioned in my previous post.)

It actually has 80 wires across the ribbon (as opposed to 40 on the older type). Make sure to disconnct the other drives for testing and to set MAster/SLave jumpers correctly when reconnecting them (blue connector goes onto mobo, grey (middle) is for slave drive and black for master).

Thanx a lot for the info…the drive now seems to be working properly.
Thanx once again.

You’re welcome - thanks for getting back. Keep your firmware up-to-date (YYS7), use good media (Verbatim) and check your burns with Nero CD-DVD Speed. Happy burning!