Sony DVD+RW erasing anomally

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRX-830U. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have been using my DRX-830U to burn Sony DVD+RW ver1.2 /1x-4x with AccuCORE discs. I have used both Nero 8 and ImgBurn 2.5. When I get a bad burn, I try and erase the disc and burn again but Nero tells me that the media is not rewritable and ImgBurn goes through the erasing steps, states that the operation is successful and when I try and write to the disc it states that the disc is not empty. I am using XP SP3. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Do you have the “InCD” portion of Nero installed - or any virtual drive/emulation software such as Alcohol or Daemon Tools?

If you have InCD, I’d uninstall it.

If you have either Alcohol or Daemon Tools, don’t uninstall them as a change in their settings might fix this. If one of these two is the culprit, completely removing it/them might cause more problems than it’s worth. :wink:

Thanks Arachne, I’ll try and see if it works. I did a diagnostic with one of Sony’s products and submitted the log files to Sony and they told me that there is an issue with my drive; but I am having this same issue with my internal drive as well.

If two drives on the same machine are affected, then it’s a good chance software is to blame (barring media problems of course).

You didn’t say if you had Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed, but in case you do, I’ll suggest a couple of settings changes:

In Alcohol, go to the settings/options, and find an option called “Ignore Media Type” - make sure this is not checked.

In Daemon Tools’ options/settings, in the Emulation settings I think, find an option called either “Hide ATIP” or “Hide CDR media” - again, make sure this is not checked.


EDIT: Arachne, I did what you said and I figured the easiest way to test your solution was to use a clean OS using VMware. The solution worked and I am now able to erase my discs without any issue. Thanks again Arachne; you saved me a lot of heartache.

No probs, you’re welcome :smiley:

Hopefully you managed to pinpoint which bit of software was causing it though, or it might happen again once you reinstall that particular program :wink:

I am going to go through both steps that you suggested for Daemon and Alcohol. Unfortunately I was under a bit of a time constraint and I needed a quick result at the moment. I am however, interested in which particular program caused the incompatibility. Thank you again! :clap:

Hehe, I can completely understand needing a quick result :iagree:

Hopefully it was one of those two programs, and it’s an easy fix. Once again, you’ve very welcome :slight_smile: