Sony dvd rw dw56a wont work

Hi- I have a sony laptop which has the above dvd system and which worked perfectly until last week> When I click it says windows is unable to initialize the device. I tried uninstalling but then cant use the support disc to install it!! silly me!! (the drive isnt working!!) Can anyone help?Or is it a big repair job?

How long have you owned the laptop…los of things to try, but a lil more info would help, os…hardware…etc. It may simply be the drive is dead or dirty, but initialization fail usually means bad drive, or corrupt drivers.

If it’s removable from the laptop…try removing it…and sliding it back in, reseating it into the pins, may buy you a clean boot with it…:slight_smile:

BTW welcome to the forums…:slight_smile:

Thanks zig zag. I have the laptop about about 20 months but didnt use the dvd drive too much at all. About a month ago the machine suffered some kind of catastrophe. I lost my docs + some other programs. But things like itunes and yahoo, msn etc are intact. I went to the windows site and it has standard advice- e.g. uninstall (tells u how) and then to select the device from a list. But I could not find this dw d56a. It asked me stuff too about the xp system that is on the machine- I presume it is Home - but then there are options in there also.
I cant see any way of removing the drive tho.

ok…catastrophe…when was the last time ya did a recent virus/spyware scan. since you seem to be able to get online…trendmicro’s housecall is a good start.

On the botton of your laptop there should be a button of slider to remove that drive and re-jack it…:slight_smile:

thanks- am trying to download that scan- am off to bed now- after midnight here in ireland. i see a little square with a screw underneath the dvd drive. is that what u mean? is it a simple op to do? and worth the risk?
talk to you soon. thanks for ur help

Irish to another…yes…if the lil button frees your drive…pull it left…and remove it…re seat it…it may be as simple as reseating tht drive…:slight_smile:

The virus scan is a good idea regardless…:slight_smile: