Sony DVD RW DW22A! Need HELP!



Hi all,
My cousing recently gave me his old Sony DVD Burner.
I was unable to install it, however, because I do not have the software or CD required to do so.

I already contanted Sony, but did not find them useful.

Does anyone know where I could download/get the software or driver?

If anyone has it and could send it to me, it would be of great help.

Any sort of comments or help would be appreaciated! Thank you all!



You don’t need a driver, it will use a generic windows driver.(what OS are you using?)
Make sure you have set the jumper correctly, also check your bios to see if it recognizes it. You can also ask your cousin to help you fit it, if he’s used to doing upgrades.


I am running Window XP. Anyways the reason why I think it doesnt work, is because I put a simple game in to see if reads it, but I got an error message.

What’s the way to test if it works?
What program do you recommend I use to burn onto it?
What type of disks do I need to burn?

Sorry for being such a noob. Thanks for the help.