Sony dvd rw DW-U18a not working

hey i found these forums through google and ive been needing some help so i decided to give it a go here…ok hers the problem i have a Sony dvd rw DW-U18a drive but recently it has stopped working. It doesnt recognize anything…now i didnt try to burn anything actually the last time i burned a cd or dvd was like a year ago, i used the drive to play music and games and never had a problem with it…can you guys give me some tips on how i can solve this problem, thanks a lot

Clean the drive properly.
If it fails, the drive is dead.

How old is the drive and does it have the latest firmware? Also what media brand are you using? Is it under warranty still? If not you can open the case and use a lens cleaner and lens cloth to gently clean the laser lens and put the unit back together and see if reads better and if it still a no go then most likely the unit has reached its extended life expectency usage. If still under warranty get a replacement unit. Other option beyound cleaning would be to purchase a new drive.