Sony DVD RW DW-U14A read issues

I have a NEC 3540a set as secondary drive and my Sony U14a as my master.
I am using the Sony to read and the NEC to burn DVD’s. The specs on the Sony list a 12x DVD read speed, however the Nero Info Tool says the drive is at 2x!! I have the latest firmware 2.0e on the Sony Drive.

If the Nero Tool is correct in the listing the read speeds, how can I set the Sony Drive to read at it’s default settings of 12x instead of its current 2x?

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1/ What disc did you have in the drive when you ran Nero Infotool? Nero reports the speed it can read the current inserted disc at.
2/ Your drive can only read single layer pressed discs at 12x. Dual layer disc and burnable media will read at less than this, probably 8x.
3/ Use Nero CD-DVD speed to do a transfer rate test on your discs, to see what speed it will read them at.

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