Sony DVD+-RW DW-Q58A



Okay im having a huge problem with my disk drive. It wont read any audio CD or CD-Rom, but it will read DVDs and play them fine.

The problem started yesterday, i was using iTunes to burn a CD and at about the 8th song it froze and said there was an error while buring the CD. I was in a hurry and had to leave to i just grabbed the CD and left, it worked, the first 8 songs that is.

So today i get up and try to burn the CD again, thing it was just a random error, but my drive will not detect any blank CD now and wont even work with CD-roms for games or other programs. I tried putting a DVD in and it works perfect.

When i put a CD or CD-rom in the drive the drive it makes its usual reading noise, as if it is about to work, then it stop and just makes the noise over and over again. When i click burn CD in itunes it just pops the drive out and asks me to insert a blank CD, and if i do it repeats the noise w/o noticing the CD is in.

please help


Welcome to CDF’s:

If your problem is CD specific…there are 2 lasers inside. One works for CD’s and the other works for DVD’s. So all of a sudden it’s doing this could mean that the CD laser has spent it’s day.

I’m just guessing. Lets see what others say.

I have that same drive in my lappy.