Sony DVD RW DW-Q58A problems

Being a noob apparently…i need some help

I have an Inspiron 6400 that is only a couple of months old and it has a Sony DVD RW DW-Q58A drive. Everything was working fine 2 weeks ago.

I purchased new dvd-r 16x discs (Memorex)…i know they’re brutal now. While trying to create a dvd…the burn failed early and reported illegal disc. I know that the new discs require the latest firmware and mine was uds1…i think that’s the factory basic firmware. I ended up getting UYS3 firmware but didn’t have any more luck with the burner.

Thinking it was simply the discs…i went and purchased some Fujifilm dvd+r discs from 1x-16x and had an even quicker failure and ejection and I’ve also noticed that the led light is now orange and i think it used to be green (could be wrong)

So once again…i went out and purchased some Verbatim dvd-r discs and it’s still not working. It’s becoming so frustrating.

Do i need to revert back to uds1? If so…how do i do that?..or what should the next step be?

Thanks for any help i can get

I’d take it back and get it fixed. It should be under warranty.

I’ve just been reading in some of the forums that i probably should not have gone to UYS3 especially having not backed up the previous firmware version. I’m click happy at times i guess…stupid i know.

I can’t (flash) back to the older version of uds2 because it now does not recognize the drive as the right model for that and so i’m kinda stuck i think. I have the uds1 and uds2 versions in .bin format but don’t know how to put one of em back in. I saw some sort of flash utility…but it looked more technical than i am/was comfortable with.

Is this a worthwhile pursuit?

Is this the thread you were looking at?

yeah that’s the one…not sure if that’s something i should try

That’s pretty much what you need to flash it. You just hit Write Flash and load up the f/w .bin and hit Write flash again. Wait till it’s done and reboot. Make sure you have the correct drive selected and f/w. Some people flash in SAFE Mode. I don’t.

If you get another drive or even right now you should use the Eeprom Utility And back your Eeprom…

Well…I successfully flashed back to uds2 but i didn’t help my burning problems…so then i just went back to uds1 so at least it’s back to the stock firmware but it hasn’t solved anything really. I suppose now I’ll just have to contact dell and let them fix it.