Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A KYR6 firmware failure


When I attempt to run the flash firmware update for this drive (from KYR4 - I can’t find a KYR5) I get this:

"No matched drive detected!
This utility is only for SONY DVD RW DW-Q28A drive.
Detected drives: "

I’m running in Windows Server 2003 w/ all the service packs.

Any ideas on what’s going on? I successfully updated to KYR4 from KYR3, but can’t get up to KYR6.



Hi & welcome!

Are you sure you’re not on KY[B]S[/B]4 right now? Different firmware series don’t mix, unless you want to get into something called “crossflashing” (read the LiteOn/Sony FAQ if you’re not happy with your current firmware).

Surely the firmwares don’t match…

I’m having the same problem. For both KYS4 firmware and KYR6 firmware. I’m currently running on KYS3 Firmware.

If you have KYS3, then updating to KYS4 should work. KYR6 won’t because it’s from a different series. You can read the FAQ in the Sony/LiteOn burner section, if you want to try and “crossflash” between different firmware series, but do this at your own risk, because you can kill your drive(s) this way and will lose any warranty.