Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A Problem

I have a very unique problem. I bought a brand new Sony DVD RW (DW-Q120A) yesterday. I am facing a very very unique problem. Firstly i will like to inform that I have dual Operating systems (Windows 2000 & Windows XP Pro). My problem is that my writer is writing & reading cds & dvds in windows 2000 perfectly. But in windows XP it writes cds & dvds perfectly but does not read any cds & dvds. What is the problem Please help. REGARDS.


if the drive works perfectly using W2k and refused to work using XP, then your XP installation is simply messed up. There are some copy protection and DRM enforcement systems that install drivers influencing the capability of handling CDs or DVDs in a very negative manner. Do a web search for starforce and “Sony Rootkit”, if you are interested in further information.


Agree with mciahel. The drive must be okay, but I think some software or drivers or even a rootkit has just messed up the xp installation.

I have reformatted my HDD after that also same problem but one thing i noticed that in Device Manager under IDE/ATA ATAPI controllers when I change my DVD RW properties to PIO mode from DMA if available it reads cds & dvds fine but writes very slow. Please help.

Try using 80-wire ribbon cable and/or installing/uninstalling your chipset IDE drivers.

As i have already formatted my hard drive & reinstalled everything there is no question to again install the driver. By the way I tried that also but failed. As for the cable I have to try it but I dont know will I get it in India or not. Please can someone recommend any other solution? Because its only creating problem in windows xp & in DMA mode & not in PIO mode. Please help. REGARDS


80-wire ribbon cable is very common nowadays - it’s the same that has been used for hard disks for may years now. However, until recently, many CDRW and DVD-ROM drives still used 40-wire cable and people replacing these with a newer (UDMA4/Ultra ATA66 interface) DVDRW drive forget to upgrade the cable as well and can run in to this kind of problem.

Many people who (re-)install Windows also forget to install the proper chipset/IDE drivers for their mainboard (because Windows comes with generic IDE drivers and everything appears to work fine already after installing the OS). Seeing as 2000 and XP use different generic IDE drivers, this may be the cause of your problem and it would be worth checking if there are some specific drivers for your chipset available from the manufacturer of the mainboard or chipset.

THANXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Thank yoy veryyyyyyyyyyy much. Your cable change solution worked for me. I dont know how to thank you. But really your help was really great for me. THANKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX again & again. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: … that’s more than enough already! :wink:

Same problem, and simple 80-wire cable changed fixed it.

Fat Lizard

Welcome to CDFreaks, Fat Lizard. Good to know you found a solution here. :slight_smile:

I did try this way, but still not working for me, do you have another way?. Thanks

I have a completely different problem. I just bought this cd/dvd burner and every time i try to burn a cd/dvd my whole computer turns off. It reads cds and dvds and dvdroms/cdroms perfectly but every time i try to burn something my computer turns off can anyone please PLEASE help?

Sounds like a power supply issue, if it just shuts down. Too much load is causing it to shut down automatically. Do you have any way to test a better power supply?