Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A => does not recognise some DVDs

Hey everyone.
I have a Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A.
I have a TV series box set, and a few other DVDs which works fine in all DVD players and all other computers I have except this one with the Sony drive! The drive will play other DVDs fine. The discs are in perfect condition. When I insert the disc into the drive, after a few seconds it starts to make a clicking sound and nothing appears in my computer. If you try and double click the DVD drive it freezes up until you eject the disc. It only seems to be with movies. I have dvd region free installed so I don’t think it is anthing to do with regions. I also took out a dvd drive from another computer and put it into this one alongside the Sony drive and it plays them without any problem.

Any ideas?


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Are you using the latest firmware for your drive? What firmware version are you currently using, as there are two models of the Q120A now?


Are you referring to DW-Q120A-BR and DW-Q120A with PYR and PYS firmware? I’d guess, there is no difference, as with DW-G120A series (MYR and MYS firmware). You can use both firmwares, there isn’t even a lock in the flasher.


Thanks :smiley:

I am using firmware version PYS1. This is the original firmware, I guess it is not the latest? Does my problem sound like a firmware problem?

Many thanks!

It’s worth a try and I would suspect that burn quality would be better with some media as well. I posted the latest firmware for your drive here after reading your earlier post, as only the retail version was posted prior to that. :wink:

Many thanks for your help C0deKing. I upgraded the firmware to the version you posted, but still have the same problem. It is very odd. Any other things I should try?

Glad to help. There not much else you can try. If it only does it on dual layer media that reads fine in other drives then it’s probably a focus problem on the second layer. Might be a good idea to return it if you can.

Ok yeah the movies which it has trouble with do seem to be dual layer. However some dual layer ones play fine. I will take it back, and swap it for a completely different brand. Are LiteOne and Sony made by the same people?


The Sony Q120A is usually a good drive. It’s a rebadged LiteOn 160P6S and can even be crossflashed to a 160P6S as well. The 120A and 6S drives are good alround drives for burning and scanning. Perhaps you should try another one and see how it goes. :wink:

Ok, will see what happens when I take it back next week. Many thanks C0deKing :smiley: