Sony Dvd+rw Dw-p50a

This is installed in my laptop. I had to have the replaced hard drive a couple of weeks ago and for the first time yesterday i tried to burn a cd from itunes that i’d just downloaded straight onto cd but it ejected the disc and said there was an error code 4701.

I tried another disc but the same thing happened. I ripped a bought cd onto itunes and tried to copy that onto a blank cd but again the same thing happened. Tried it on Windows Media Player, same thing again.

I’ve updated the driver from the hp site (its a hp pavillion ze4700) but still got the same problem.

I have copied some pictures to a blank cd, its just music i’m having a problem with :rolleyes:

…because they come with DRM and if you haven’t paid for burning them onto cd, you’ll not be able to do that.