Sony dvd-rw dw-g120a

Hi there, I heard that this is the place to be when you have a problem. Well…I have a problem. I had a problem with my server which meant that I had to run a full back-up. Most things came back ok and seemed to work ok, except for my Cd/DVD drive. It has power going to it but for some reason the drivers are not installed properly. It is a sony dvd-rw dw-g120 in “hardware Devices” it has the yellow exclaimation mark. I am exhausted with it! I feel like I have tried everything, but to no avail. I have managed to find the drivers and they unzipped successfully but for some reason it just won’t come back! Can someone please help me. Thanks in advance. Sue

Hello Sue, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Is there an error code to go along with that yellow exclamation mark?

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Hi there, thanks for the response. There is no error message to go with it. The drive is actually on a server running Windows 2003. It was all running great and then one of my drives decided to throw a serious wobbly which required me to run a back up. Since then I’ve had a few probs which are slowly being ironed out, but I can’t get the drivers for this bloomin drive! I really hope you can help me. Thanks Server_Sue :confused:

Hey Sue, glad you found the thread :wink:

Uusally, when there’s a yellow exclamation mark against something in Device Manager, if you right-click the offending item (in this case, your Sony drive) and click Properties, you should see an error code number in the Device Status box.

That’ll be the key to finding out how to solve this (drivers for drives come with the OS, so it’s unlikely a driver update would be needed - but depending on the error code number, other action can be taken to fix it) :slight_smile:

Hi there once again. The error code is (Code 39). What does this mean and how can I fix it.


Many thanks Sue

Hi,[quote=server_sue;2040275]Hi there once again. The error code is (Code 39). What does this mean and how can I fix it.
[/quote]You might either check Arachne’s signature for “upper and lower filters” or get the information and cure from Microsoft Knowledge Base: (Guided Help works only with XP)


Hi again Sue :)…yep, Michael’s got it spot on…follow the instructions on that MS page, and you should be good to go :wink: