Sony dvd-rw dw-g120a

I have just bought sony dvd-rw drive. First I used it only for reading/playing cds, and that is the thing it can do easily, but broblems occurred when I wanted to burn cds. First, my cdrecording softs couldn´t even find the drive, but luckily I got over that problem, when I updated the firmwareversion. Now my burning softs are all printing an error: “no cdr/w in drive, please insert one.”, and I have tried it with many cdrs, though my 25 cdrs can´t all be broken. Sometimes I manage to start the burn with Nero, but within few seconds it always fails.
Is this drive crap, (like some post i,ve read seem to claim) ,or is there a way to fix this ? ,though, there are no driver for optical drives, and my firmware is newest version. Please Help ?

  • Joonas Greis

Have you tried burning DVDs with this drive? Do you get the same results?

From what I’ve heard, this drive generally isn’t that good.

Sounds like it could be a faulty drive.

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Some questions and recommendations to check in order to sort out system issues:

  • try the drive in Safe Mode
  • uninstall any software that installs virtual drives
  • uninstall packet writing software like InCD and similar
  • check if any copy protection drivers (starforce) are installed
  • try the drive in another computer if possible

Also, there are two sticky threads with “Troubleshooting” in the title. See, if the information given there is helpful to solve your problem.