SONY DVD RW DW-G120A problem



I have got SONY DVD RW DW-G120A, but it doesn’t play Chip DVD(DVD ROM 8GB). Why does this happen even though this DVD burner supports DVD RAM & DVD ROM disks.


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Is this a disc from a computer magazine? (Here in Germany there is a computer magazine named “Chip”, that’s why I ask). These discs are often in poor condition and cheaply produced. Maybe cleaning will help. If not, then complain and ask them for a replacement.



Hi Michael,
Yes the DVD is of “Chip” magazine in India.
Unfortunately, the same DVD-ROM Disk which didn’t work on my SONY DVD RW DW-G120A is not in poor condition & it works on all my friends comp(They don’t have the same DVD burner as mine). Even though G120A can read both DVD-ROM & DVD-RAM disks, Chip’s DVD-ROM disks cannot be read by my DVD burner. My DVD burner can play other DVD disks. Is it a problem of my DVD burner?


I heard Moser-Baer DVDRs are not read on the G120A unless there’s been a firmware update …
CHIP India are most likely to have produced their DVD on MoserBaer DVD-Rs and hence the problem…
Guess this thread will help …


Are you sure that link is for correct firmware for G120A drives? I think I saw in another thread the MYSX firmwares were for the Q120A drives, and I have the G120A which came with MYR5 which seems to indicate MYRX firmwares are correct for the G120A drives.


Firmwares for DW-[B]G[/B]120 can be found here


Sony used to maintain two firmware series for their DW-G120A:

[li]MYSx (latest is MYS6), that was intended for the drives sold as OEM and[/li][li]MYRx (latest is MYR5), that was intended for the drives sold as Retail.[/li][/ul]
There wasn’t any problem switching between both series. Not even patching was necessary.




I think, this is a problem with the disc. Contact them for a replacement (this is at least possible in Germany here).



CHIP India distributes DVD on Sony DVD-ROM & their capacity is about 8 GB.


Thank you Michael for all your support. Thank you geno888 for providing me the link for the new firmware. The problem has been solved. I upgraded my firmware from MYS5 to MYS6. Now CHIP INDIA DVD can be read from my drive.


Is there any difference between MYSx & MYRx firmwares. Is MYR6 firmware available? Should I go for MYRx instead of MYSx?


According to mciahel’s post #7 they seem to be interchangeable. My burner came with MYR5 which I plan to stay with unless problems occur. I also have a LiteOn 165P6S that performs much better with MSOP firmware than latest MSOR firmware for that drive, and I’d not hesitate trying older MYRX or MYSX for this Sony drive if I encountered problems with current version.