SONY DVD RW DW-G120A cant write to Benq dvd+rw?

I have a SONY DVD RW DW-G120A. On my vendor’s recommendation, I went ahead and bought a few Benq dvd+rws.
But I cant write to them. I get a “could not perform disc at once error”. I’ve attached the error log.
I’m using G120A-BR_MYR3 (04.06) as the firmware. I have windows cd burning option disabled.
Help please.

Hi and welcome!

Try the following: Format (erase) the disc prior to writing something on them. If Nero fails, then try other apps like ImgBurn.
Also you can write to “Image Recorder” in Nero and burn the so created Image file with ImgBurn.
You can try other media (like Verbatim), too.

I won’t recommend updating the firmware, as MYR4 has some negative points in respect to writing CD-R media :wink:


Hey m8, edit your log and get that nero serial out of there. As for your problem i’d suggest formatting the disk before trying to write on it and if that doesn’t help try with a better MID. DaxonD42 is not the best mid out there by a log shot.

theres no Edit Post button for the initial post?

the edit button disappears 30 minutes after posting.
ask a mod to remove the serial.

kundra.nitin, try to uninstall Intel Application accelerator if you still run on that ([I]IdeChnDr.sys[/I] indicates that) and install default M$ IDE drivers.

In future a new (bigger) HDD will certaily needed if you wan’t to get ful potential out of your new burner. :wink:

will a moderator please remove the cd key from the log?
thank you guys for such prompt help.
I’ll be trying these out asap.

Try DVDInfo to quick-format them. They only need to be quick-formatted.

If you have a closer look at your first post, C0deKing has already helped you out! :slight_smile: