Hi, i’m sorry but i’m a noob so you may have to be patient, and i apologize for any stupid questions in advance.

I have had a look through some of the guides before i posted but i really dont understand the concept of Firmware etc, and using tools to change firmware??

Anyway, the problem i’m having is regarding this dvd writer in my sony laptop. Whenever i burn a DVD-R and try to play in my sony dvd player, the player says “C:13:00 Disc is Dirty” (and yes i have tried to clean the disc, but to no avail) However when i use my pioneer dvd writer to burn the dvd-r, using the same media and software and speed(Datawrite Blue, Nero, 2x) the dvd plays fine in the dvd player??

I cant figure out why the dvd’s burned using the sony dvd writer wont work in my dvd player but work in my pc and laptop??

This is very frustating and would really appreciate any help.

Also, the matter of firmware, are there any guides that explain it in basic terms so i can understand what it inolves and what risks are there if any??