Sony DVD+-RW DW-D56A help



Dear all, I am totally a newbie…
Got couple questions, hope someone can answer them for me… thanks!

I just got a Dell 700m, and the dvd burner that came with the system is Sony DW-D56A with firmware PDS3.
(1) how do I update firmware, and which one is the best for this drive?
(2) I do a lot of internation travelling, is there anyway to make this drive region free? how?

Thanks for helping…


You’ll get an .exe file, there’s a firmware flasher, just a double click, select your
drive for update and hit the button, you shouldn’t be confused, if you see lite-on
flasher, cause your drive is OEM Lite-on. So i’d close progs, which are runnin in
the background like anti-virus software, firewalls etc. To make it region free,
you’ll need a little tool, there’s also the latest or a new firmware. Here are the
links Firmwares
And after upgrading firmware, just reboot your system


Thanks rapid fire!
It was so easy to use LtnRPC…
now my sony are region free (PRC-1)
I am going to stick with PDS3 unless there is a better firmware or if ripping/burner is not upto the bar on the current firmware…
Thanks once again…