Sony DVD RW DW-D23A Problems



Hi I have a problem with this type. Like every story in the beginning everything was k. Now I can’t read/write CD’s but I can read/write DVD’s. I’ve checked DMA settings(enabled) and the IMAPI(disabled) and they are k.
The strange thing is that i can’t read bootable CD’s before the system(Windows XP SP2) loads either boot so i think is either hardware problem or somthing in bios but i don’t know what it could be. So 10x for reading and i wait for suggestions. I also included an nero infotool report


lo m8 mine went the same way got new one sent to me was told to bin the old one
no idea what is rong tbh as i got new drive sent

when did you get the drive ??

as ever sc00terx


Hay. I have a problem with this type. My DVD burner can read/write CD’s but I cannot read/write DVD’s.
please help!1