Sony Dvd-rw Dw-d22a Problem


Im having a problem with my DVD writer. It reads discs with data on them no problem, but it isnt recognising blank discs, simply doesnt register anything as being in the drive. Hence when i come to burn things, it keeps asking me to insert a blank disc, despite there being one already in.

The problem started just the next time i came to burn something, in the previous few days i had been burning things with no problems.

Thanks for any help.

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I wish I knew something to suggest. This problem is reported quite often and unfortunately there has been no cure, that I have seen.

Make sure you are using blank DVD-R or DVD+R media. If you are using RW media then you must erase it first.

Otherwise if the drive is still under waranty then I would suggest that you return the drive.

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I seem to have the same problem with my Sony DVD - CDRW dw-q30a, it reads disks if they contain data but if the disk is blank the drive will not recognise it. I have installed the latest firmware [yys6] not still no joy. Have you found a solution?