Sony dvd rw dw-d22a help!

I had just bought this drive from newegg. It only reads dvds at 8x instead of 16x. It will only burn dvd-r dvds at 8x instead of 16x. It has no firmware upgrades.

From looking around before I posted I have found out this model is just a rebadged lite on burner. The model is a Liteon SOHW-1633S.

Im a complete newb and have no clue what to do help is very much needed guys.

Thanks alot,
help a newb out

It will not help you, repeating your questien i all forum.

Use the search funktion and read.

I have but I have no clue how to use the oni patcher or flash firmware or why the firmware that came with it wont let me burn at standard speeds

It write DVD-R at 8x, DVD+R at 16x.

Product Specification:
Model No. DWD22A
DVD-R 8x
DVD+R 16x
CD-ROM 48x
CD-R 48x
CD-RW 24x
Buffer Size 2MB
Interface ATAPI/E-IDE

Use the search funktion “Sony dw-22a” and you will find the information I been giving to you.

Yes, I did I know all the speeds and what they are suppose to be. But it is not reading or burning at those speeds. I am so lost right now any help would be great.

my aim sn is pasey2000

thanks for any help

What’s the media code off your DVD.

Use DVDidentifier for this.

You can’t burn the disk faster than supportet by the drive’s firmware.

You can not burn a 4x disk at 8x, because it not supported by by drive’s firmware.

It’s also possible that a 8x disk will only burn at 4x, if it a disk of inferior quality.

its a 8x disc but I know it is burnable at 12x atleast and 16x because I know other kids that use the same media that I do.

Again, post the media code. You can not get any help if you do not post the facts about the media you use.

i have a problem with my sony dw-d22a! i can not enable the dma mode! the dvd works only with pio mode! i use windows xp professional! any help please?

A few things you can try:

  1. Isolate the burner on its own IDE channel. Sometimes other devices on the same channel will prevent DMA mode from being enabled for a burner.
  2. Try a new IDE cable.
  3. Try the other IDE channel.
  4. Uninstall the IDE channel the burner is connected to in Device manager and reboot, letting Windows redetect it.

thanks two degrees!
i have already uninstall the ide channel, but now it is detected as ultra dma mode 4! is that ok?

Yes, that’s what you want. Happy burning!