Sony dvd rw dw-d22a help!

sony dvd rw dw-d22a help!!

I had just bought this drive from newegg. It only reads dvds at 8x instead of 16x. It will only burn dvd-r dvds at 8x instead of 16x. It has no firmware upgrades.

From looking around before I posted I have found out this model is just a rebadged lite on burner. The model is a Liteon SOHW-1633S.

Im a complete newb and have no clue what to do help is very much needed guys.

Thanks alot,
help a newb out

sry about the double post I dident know which section to post in


Any burner will only burn at a speed the firmware will allow it to burn at - NOT the speed shown by the media manufacturer-

Suggest that you do a lot of reading up on both the Sony and LiteOn drives-


I know that

Im talking about my dvd burner says 16x-r and my burner only burns at 8x. My burner only reads at 8x and it is also suppose to read at 16x.