Sony DVD RW DW-D22A BYS6 - Trouble Bitsetting

My goal is to write a DVD+R as a DVD-ROM. I’ve followed instructions for how to change the book type in ImgBurn. It says that the book type was changed, but it is still being burned as DVD+R.

After some research and trail and error, I found that it is a LiteOn Drive. I updated the firmware from BYS1 to BYS6 and tried the process over, with the same result.

I used the LiteOn Settings Utility (Sticky), but when I tried to Clear OPC History (It said I had to in order to use the bitsetting tab) I got an error “Clearing OPC failed!”

I’m basically at a dead end and I could use some help bitsetting.
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The OPC history doesn’t have anything to do with bitsetting. What happened when you actually went to the bitsetting tab and tried to make changes?