SONY DVD RW, DVD/CD ROM, Never Ever buy this?

SONY DVD RW, DVD/CD ROM, it works for 6 - 7 months correctly with no issues, maximum of 10 months, then is stats the problems. I have got writing problems, i always use sony disks to write Datas. When we go the dealer shops to ask about the services of sony, they will say sony servicing are too bad, if you got the problem within the warrenty period then they will look. Otherwise they wont!!! My SONY DVD RW, DVD/CD ROM is only 18 months old. Now onwards i suggest to every one, not to buy SONY DVD RW, DVD/CD ROM. They only got a good brand names, the other things are really bad. Buy some other burnner. If you ask to the dealers also, they will say Sony DVD RW, DVD/CD ROM is good, but buy other other DVD RW, DVD/CD ROM thats good for you. What is this means?

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