SONY DVD RW DRU-810A Reading problems

Hey everyone, I’m new to this so hopefully I can include everything…
I have a SONY DVD RW DRU-810A that I’ve had for almost a year, worked great. I used it to burn a movie one day, and the next it wouldn’t read any discs. I did not change anything with my computer, it shows up as hardware on my computer, but any disc that I put in it doesn’t appear to be in there. I checked all my connections, can anyone help me?

I’m in the same boat, also had mine for about a year. It reads the disc, maybe I can see one or two seconds of video before I get an error or freeze. Burns just fine though, but can’t read CDs and DVDs. This POS 810A lasted 10 months, just like my POS 710A. On both drives, I never burned more than 50 DVDs and maybe 150 CDs. POS products if you ask me.

Did you try changing your IDE cable (ribbon), it could make a world of difference.:smiley:

No, I haven’t tried that. How would that make a difference or cause my player to only write, but not read? I’ve noticed a trend, it seems to read the first several kilobytes of a disc fine, then it pukes. It recognises and displays the files contained on each disc fine, it just doesn’t data out of those files… well nothing more than a few kb at least.