Sony Dvd Rw Dru-800a


I’m using Sony DRU 800A writer. After burning when I check the disc quality tab in Nero CD/DVD speed it shows a different drive model no. as
recorded with Sony DW-Q28A vKY06.

Can any one explain me how this could happen?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


such is normal with many Sony/Liteon drives.
The base model is Sony DW-Q28A. From that, your DRU 800A is derived (possibly only another frontplate and retail package). There are also some Liteon drives, that would report “recorded with Sony DW-Q28A” on DVD-R discs.



Like it usually is your Sony burner is a rebadged Lite-On SOHW-1693S. Sony distributes this drive in two variants: the OEM and the Retail. So the retail version is what you have as the DRU-800A and the OEM one is called DW-Q28A. Also the firmware version you have mentioned is KY06 which is of the retail drive. Also @mciahel has also shared his knowledge on the matter. As long as your drive is working fine everything is fine, isn’t it!!