Sony DVD RW DRU-700A problems




I rebooted my computer and did not back up the old version of dvd clone. The new version does not like it when I use DVD decypter to decypt and then my Sony DVD RW DRU-700A. I have used the old dvd clone method countless time with no problems

I did have some luck when updated my firmware from Sony and the DVD decypter then Clone DVD 2 method worked…But the next disc I used failed to work witha media error coming up when the disc was ready to be written.

Can someone please give me some advise on this as I suspect that the old version of DVD clone will work with no problems.

The link that was posted on another posting just hooks you up to the latest version of Clone DVD 2.

Please help me…


jimmer7826, firstly welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you don’t appear to have read the forum rules, as posting the same thing twice (crossposting) is not allowed on this forum. Please read the forum rules before making any more posts.

What app and what version are you after?


Sorry. I did not know which one would get me the quickest response.

I am after CloneDVD

Hope you can help…