Sony DVD-RW Drive Troubleshoot



Hey everyone. I have a Sony DRU-710A Drive. When I double click on “My Computer”, if there is no disk ion the drive, it says it is a DVD-RW drive. But when I put in a DVD+R (or DVD-R) disk, it then says it is a regular CD drive.

Is there a way to fix this problem??? Please help.

Thank You


Does it still burn the disks and play them back correctly…


It’s not a problem. (not a feature, either) Just Windows being Windows. Ignore it.


it will burn audio, but not video like i want it to.


What software are you using to burn…


i’ve tried window media player and real player. then i found out that you cannot burn video files with real player.


Lets try NERO or Roxio, or dvdshrink/dvdcrypter and see what happens…


got any links to these sites?


Just google for the info ( and in the search bar, enter what you are searching for.