Sony DVD+RW Discs

Ok, I’m thinking about getting these discs
Are these discs good quality?


They are ok, most likely MIT SONY S11 or RICOHJPN W11.
If it’s SONY S11: Good scans, but might fail prematurely (at least some of my SONY S11 which were MIT did).
If it’s RICOHJPN W11: ok, but not anything very special.
Anyway, don’t expect too much from them.
RW should not be used for archival anyway :wink:

Ok, I was just wondering if they were better than Ativa (Philips041) discs.

(Also, is there a way to tell the two manufacturers apart?)

Both are ok.
Philips (CMC) discs may be slightly better or worse than the Sony.

Try to get Verbatims, if at all possible. :wink:

I got PHILIPS 041 for Sony 4x +RW - got them last year, very good.