Sony Dvd Rw Aw-g70a



SONY DVD RW AW-G70A, current firmware version 1.62
I can’t flash the new firmware to the drive using binflash, an error pops up “error submitting checksum”. Currently my drive identifies as a dvd writer, but can’t read/write any disks. Operating system asks for insert disk


Your drive must be in PIO mode in order to flash it. Depending on the IDE chipset, booting Windows in safe mode might work.

If the drives are attached to an SI0680 controller, changing the registry similar to this description could work.


In safe mode I flashed my drive (SONY DVD RW AW-G170A, DRU-170C) with the firmware 1.73, but my problem not rectified. And the same procedure used to flash with the file downloaded from is worked for me. Now I can read dvds using my drive and didn’t tried writing to disk.


Burning dvd failed due to Power calibration error