SONY DVD RW AW-G107A Issues for getting firmware and updates



Hi, I have a Sony DVD RW AW-GIO7A and im trying to get firmware and driver updates for it but i have searched sony websites and don’t see it listed. main reason is I recently installed Windows 7 and when I burn an Audio CD using Nero 9, the songs dont show the title or artists names when i review the burned disks contents just track numbers Track 1, Track 2 etc. I have contacted nero about this and they just suggested to update drivers and firmware. I used to use Nero 7 Ultra on Vista and this was not a issue with the same DVD drive. can anyone help or advise ?


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Whenever I burn an audio CD, the tracks show up in Explorer as Track01.cda, Track02.cda etc, just as yours do, regardless of the burning software used (Nero, Burrrn, Roxio etc).

Only time I see the proper names of the tracks, is when the software I’m using to play the disc looks up the CD track listing info from an online database (CDDB, freedb etc).

Or are you referring to CD-TEXT? If that’s the case, the option can be selected in Nero as long as the drive supports burning the CD-TEXT info, I believe.

As for firmware, what firmware is currently on the drive? If you’re using Nero 9, DiscSpeed or InfoTool (from the Toolkit) will show you the current firmware revision. :slight_smile:


Hi, I belive its CD Text and I was able to use the same DVD burner with Nero 7 ultra which listed the name and artist. I have run the InTools in Nero 9 which is what im using now and where it gives a rundown on what the cd or DVD can do, the write to: for CD and DVD does not have a check or X so if it was not capable or writing this information to the drive it doesent make sense because it use to, and I dont see the option in Nero 9 StartSmart.:doh:


Sorry the Firmware Version is 1.71 and was installed 2007


First of all, it should be AW-G170A instead of AW-G107A. The only official site I know for firmware updates is this one. It’s an OEM drive of the Optiarc AD-7170A and you can find several firmwares here.

Be aware that these drives have a bug in their bootcode which means that you usually cannot update the firmware until the drive is switched from UDMA to PIO mode.


Hi Liggy, sorry about the typo, and thanks for the info. How do I change the mode from UDMA to PIO to update the firmware ?


This depends on your board and IDE controller. In most cases you can change the mode by opening the device manager, selecting the correct IDE controller and disabling UDMA mode.