For some time I’m using a SONY DCR-DVD 201E Cad camera.
This camera uses small 80mm DVD-Rw disks.
I use the “ImageMaker” programm to convert the films to the computer with a USB connection.

So far everything is fine, as long as I take the duration of the films in a size of 1 to 10 minutes. The Imagemaker converts the movie to the computer and from there I can make alterations to them.
But lately I made a movie on the whole length of the DVD-RW and the Imagemaker loads untill 67% and then just stops with an error.

I don’t know if it is a bug in the programm (memory-cache) but I wondered
would it not be possible just to put the small DVD-RW in my DVD-CD player?
By doing so it would be much easier to copy the DVD-rw to my computer than
using the CAd-camera versus USB to ImageMaker which takes a lot of time.
If i do so my computer tells me there is no CD in it.

Do I need a special programm to tell my computer I use 80mm disks?
Or do I have to alter my memorycache of WinXp to obtain the full 1.4Gb?

i have seen this happen, most times it is the dvd-rw disc. try a FULL erase of that disc. or usr another brand of dvd-rw can help.

Why isn’t the 80mm DVD-RW disk reckognized by my computer DVD-CD player?