Sony DVD-Rom problems

I bought a Sony DDU-1622 dvd-rom to use for copying movies to my harddrive and then burn them with my NEC 3520a. But when I try to use dvd-shrink or DVD decryptor to copy the movie I lose a ton of data. Most movies end up only being like 500mb. If I use the burner it works fine. Any ideas why i can not copy movies to the hardrive this way?

thanks for the help.

Please explain step by step what you are doing and any error messages that you receive.

Ok I’ll put a movie in the dvd-rom and start dvd shrink i’ll open the disc. after it anylyzes I’ll click back-up and set it to copy to my hardrive. (usually as an .iso but i have tried both .iso and normal files) It then does its thing no errors or anything, but when it finishes it only saves about 500mb and the files are unreadable. I can do it fine using my writer as the reader just can not copy from the reader to the harddrive. It has worked but only about 10% or so of the time. I think I am going to take it back as it is porbably defective.

Very odd that Shrink would not give you an error if it was unable to properly complete the operation :confused:

A few things to try for troubleshooting:

#1) Switch the positions of the NEC 3520A & the Sony DVD-ROM drive.
Test with Shrink again.

#2) Try using Nero Recode (very similar to shrink) to see if the same behavior occurs.