Sony DVD-ROM DDU1615



My Sony DVD-ROM DDU1615 drive has the latest firmware upgrade. It is rated to read at 16x, though it usually only reads around 4-6x. It’s almost 1 year old. I even ran the benchmark tests with Nero CD-DVD Speed and the highest it got was 8x. Why is it not working properly? It says it is ATA.


I have that drive and it reads at about 12x for me sometime 14x.

Check your IDE Channel to make sure you are not in PIO mode

Depending on what firmware you have on it and if its “Riplocked” DVD’s from the store will read slow, dvd’s made at home will read faster. You can find the Modded firmware to remove riplock…

give that a try, the most important is the IDE channel I think…


I am in DMA mode. I do not understand why this is happening.


i’m having the same problem. anyhelp would be nice