Sony DVD-Rom DDU1613

Sorry if this has been asked before as ive checked the forums and coudlnt find anything. I have a Sony DVD-Rom DDU1613 with firware 9YS2. Ive seen some updates to this on this site but

  1. its seems its version 9YS1 which speeds up DVD reading

is that correct?

mine is a 16x 40x (as its displayed n the nero tool)so which update should i use if i wanted to go ahead with 9YS1 as im unsure?

  1. Anyone know the difference between 9YS1 and 9YS2 and would you recommend going for this upgrade/ downgrade?

  2. In the readme file it says:

1/ If your drive IS NOT a 163/163D, you should consult this link:
2/ If your drive IS a 163/163D, you should consult this link:

how would i know what my drive is ?
Thank you in advance

Moved to Liteon Forum where i’m sure someone will be able to help

you can update with the liteon firmware:

Thanks but what would this update do? When i 1st ran it it said “your drives firmware is already the most updated” so what would happen if i went ahead? is it possible to make a backup of the current firmware?


this firmware will upgrade your drive to the newest liteon firmware. ignore the message and flash it.
you don’t need to make a backup. you can find the 9YSx flasher on codeguys site if anything goes wrong.

Hi, I’ve got “Sony DDU1613 (rebadged LiteOn SOHD-167T)” drive as well. I wanted to update using the “LiteOn SOHD-167T” firmware to the latest version. My one is exactly ther same as described (40x read) and firmware version 9ys1. I tried to download the LiteOn SOHD-167T- “9S19 - patched - faster DVD R/RW/9/RDL reading” firmware upgrade which seemed like the best firmware upgrade version available. However it has so many files to choose from (e.g. 12x, 16x…etc) I’m totally confused. Which one should I upgrade to? (btw file posted by chok0 has expired so I cant use that if that is the latest one??)

Would appreciate any reply
thanks in advance

9S19, patched for fastest read-speed:

there’s a newer firmware, 9S1B, but flashfix and xflashx don’t work with it. you have to wait for c0deking to provide a crossflash-enabled version.

Cool…but for the newest version couldnt we use omnipatcher and liteon firmware flashing tool and carry out the same instructions as said here:

or is flashfix/xflashx themselves omnipatcher and firmware flashing tool!?
Ahh sorry lol me being a noob here probably :Z

omnipatcher is only for dvd-writers, the ddu1613 is a dvd-rom drive. and as i said, flashfix and xflashx don’t work.


I’ve got the same drive (Sony DDU1613), but couldn’t follow the link (it has expired). Do you know where can I find the patch? Would this also by-pass the zone protection?

Thank you

As for bypassing the zone protection, you can do so using a utility called LtnRPC (

Thank you code. I’ve flashed the drive, and now the unit is reading much faster (and a little bit noiser) than previously.

Just for the benefit of other users of the same unit (Sony DDU1613, aka LiteOn SOHD-167T), I’ve used:

  1. LtnFlash to make a backup of the original firmware.
  2. 9S1B “stock” patch from codeguys to flash the unit.
  3. KProve 2.4.2 in orded to by-pass zone protection, as well as for testing drive speeds before and after flashing it.

Thank you again