Sony DVD Recorder RDR-GX330 Problems

I have a Sony RDRGX330 DVD Recorder and i can not record a t.v. Show. Because it Tell’s me it can not record-copyright protected. and when i playback i only get a gray screen of the recording.

Does anyone how to correct this problem with a Sony DVD Recorder RDR-Gx330

Or does anyone know if there is any new firmware updates for this Sony DVD Recorder Model RDR-GX330

Hi doom805 and welcome:

I just checked the Sony website and there are no firmware updates. If there were, I suspect it would address the issue of media compatability and/or region-free playback.

I have never had a problem recording and I suspect this is due to my cable provider’s converter box sending an unrestricted signal for the services I paid for. How is your recorder set-up?