Sony DVD recorder not reading my PC produced discs. (Sony RDR-GX330)



[qanda]This thread is about the Sony RDR-GX330. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi, sorry if this is an oft asked question that you are fed up of answering. I haven’t found a search capability on the forum yet.

In a nut shell, I went up Kilimanjaro with friends last year and have eventually got round to editing the footage. (Using Video Studio 9). I then burnt some DVD’s for my friends. Most have been able to play them, except for the owner of an RDR GX350. That machine says that there isn’t a title on the disc. Sony don’t want to know, they have just said “No, read page 37 where it says it doesn’t work”. Not a lot of help really.

So, my question is… how do I add a title? I’ve got a “DVD” copy on my hard drive, can I edit that and then just create DVD’s using NTI DVD Maker? Do I need to upgrade my video studio?

Thanks in advance.



what speed did you burn at? what brand blank media?
slower speed is usually the best fix for a dvd that won’t play and using a good brand of blank disk makes a big difference too