Sony dvd recorder help extracting tracks

Hi I am useing a stand alone dvd recorder to record music video & i need to take just one or two tracks out of this dvd on my computor now with a brought dvd i can do this with dvd shrink but this wont work with this dvd done on the stand alone recorder ? model sony rdr Gx-210 any one come across this problem also tryed tpmgenc with no joy :frowning: would be gratfull of any help please “thanks” P.S ( just mention the dvd plays ok on the comp & it is finalized )

Try Dvddecrypter. You can rip audio track from DVD.
It was a ripping tool, but since your DVD is not protected it should work.
It will rip full DVD audio and you have to split tracks you want with audio editing software like Audacity (free) or other.
You can actualy use any DVD demuxer to get audio track from DVD files.